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Akshara is an AI-enabled content creation platform that simplifies the process for businesses of all sizes.

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Create Content
Write a stronger sentence without changing the meaning or intentions of the original sentence
Generate Social Media Posts
Check your Grammar
Generate Blog Content
Create Code
Here, you can easily translate text language to code. It is proficient in over a dozen languages including Python, JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift, TypeScript, SQL and Shell.
Generate Code
Create Art
An innovative option to create realistic images and art from a text description.

Coming Soon

Create Music
This option outputs a new music sample produced from scratch, with the provided genre, artist and lyrics.

Coming Soon

Why Akshara?

Akshara platform provides a great way to create and publish content.

Content generated in seconds
Unique and high quality content
Affordable pricing

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Let's choose the package that is best for you and explore it happily and cheerfully.

Free Plan

Great for individual use

Unlimited Tones
Unlimited Use Cases
Limited editor access
Limited share options
Access to microphone
Limited content upto 500 words


Premium Plan

Ideal for small and mid-sized businesses

Unlimited Tones
Unlimited Use Cases
Unlimited editor access
Unlimited share options
Access to microphone
Unlimited content
Plagerism checker
Grammar correction

$19.99 / month

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