Akshara's Word Add-In

Get Started using Akshara Word Add-In for composing Content in one click

Steps for using Akshara Word Add-In

selecting questionStep 1: Upon logging into Word, you will discover an option to incorporate add-ins, enabling you to add the add-ins.

Step 2: By selecting the 'Add-ins' option, you will encounter our add-in called 'Akshara Word Rephraser.' Subsequently, you are required to click on the 'Add' button to install and utilize it.

compose with akshara

selecting questionStep 3: Upon highlighting the desired text, you can right-click to access a menu where you will locate an option to rephrase using Akshara. Upon selecting this option, a comprehensive list of available tones will be displayed.

Step 4: To convert the text to the desired tone, you must carefully select the recommended tone from the provided options.selecting question

selecting questionStep 5: Once you have selected the desired tone and made the appropriate choices, the output text, transformed into the specified tone, will be made available to you.